About me

In 2002 Petr dived into serious photography after taking photography classes at Kamiakin high school in Kennewick, Washington.

Since then he has worked as commissioned photographer of soccer and ice-hockey games for local sport clubs in Middle Bohemia, Czech Republic. Among his numerous customers he was proud to work for Lasselsberger a.s., a major ceramics company, photographing special decorative tiles and bathroom setups for internet catalogue.

Petr also provided studio and glamour photography for individual model presentation. To connect Petr's hobbies and work, he photographed in Czech dance clubs for JanakBros.cz and DJs as house photographer. Petr has been also providing professional wedding photography for individuals since 2006.

Between 2008 and 2009, Petr has been enhancing his photohraphy skills at Union College, New York, where he took photography courses and obtained the honor of working on summer research with experienced photograper Martin Benjamin.